Exported shape via clipboard inherits background of artboard

Edit: Nevermind. I found this “Include in Export” checkmark at the artboard properties. Makes sense but I was bit confused.

Hi everyone,

not sure if this is intended, or I’m just doing something wrong.

I am on a MacBook Pro with Sonoma 14.0 and Sketch 98.3.

I often need to quickly copy / paste icons and other stuff from Sketch to other applications, such as Keynote. Usually, I just hit Cmd-C in Sketch and Cmd-V in my target application. For some reason, Sketch adds the background color of the Artboard when I do that (although the inspector shows that the shape has no background). For instance, when I copy a white shape on an artboard with a blue background via the clipboard, the shape gets a blue background in Keynote. I think that was not the case in the past, but I am not completely sure about this.

Is this a bug / intended / configurable or do I make a mistake?


Hi @mmirold :wave:,

Excellent job :clap: figuring out the solution to your issue on your own. We’re glad you’re able to share your experience with the community.

The “Include in Export” setting for Artboard properties is the cause of the background color being copied alongside the artwork. Disabling this setting will prevent this from happening again.

Kudos for your resourcefulness :+1: . We’re always here to help, but it warms our hearts every time we see users succeeded in their knowledge journey.

If you’re on the lookout for more insightful tips that may have slipped through, I highly recommend checking out this blog article: 9 things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in Sketch

:eyes: It’s an oldie but it’s sure to provide you with valuable information.

Cheers :pray::rocket: