Export Sketch color names into Axure Cloud inspector

In a dev environment, exporting Sketch artboards into Axure Cloud is a killer combination for viewing and sharing workflows (card flipping) and also for sharing the specs (using the Inspect mode).
The only thing that doesn’t come over is the corporate palette style names (only the hex values).
If there was a way to make the color names (that are custom defined in Sketch) appear in the Axure Cloud inspector - it would make life so much easier.
They show up in Sketch Cloud but unfortunately, Sketch Cloud does not work for our purposes.

Hey, @bman welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to ask why the Web app doesn’t suit your workflow. The thing is, we have a color token export right there and that can get you the color names you’re looking for.

To see this option open your document on the web app and then navigate to Components → Click on the bottom right corner of the screen, on “Export Design Tokens”

You’ll see a new window displaying the components you can export (provided that they exist in the document) like in the screenshot below


Would this help?