Disable library updates for a document

Sometimes there are documents that you want to keep frozen in time, without updating the library changes. I know the easiest way to do that is just not updating the library changes, but I think that having the option of disabling updates from a library for an specific document could prevent, for example, that someones updates the library components in that document by error.

You can always detach the componentes to be sure that they’re not going to be updated, but that requires more work and also makes you lost completely the connection with the library (And maybe in the future you could want to update hat document again).

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I think this might be what you need: Starred versions · Sketch

TL;DR: You can star a version of a Library document (either from the Mac app, when you save, or in the web app, in the document’s version history) and that’s the version people will receive as a Library update. Then you can update the document as much as you like and people won’t get a Library update until you star another update.

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Thanks for the reply @freddiewrites

While we actively use Starred versions (And I think it’s a great functionality that certainly help us a lot) it’s not exactly what I was looking for.

Yes, while there is not a starred version on the library, the document connected to that library will not receive updates, but once there is one new starred version it will. What I was suggesting was an option to disable the receiving of those updates on a specific document.

Ah, I see! Sorry — I misread your question.

Have you looked into Document Libraries? This might get you some way there, although you’d have to deselect the Library in question from the main Settings pane, and then enable it in each individual document that uses it.

That would definitely work but I think it wouldn’t be the optimum way to do it, at least for our particular case, as the kind of documents that we need to apply this special treatment are the exception, not the rule.

Disabling the libraries by default in settings and having to enable them by document, one by one for all documents, just for these special cases doesn’t feel right.

Thanks for your help, anyway!