Replacing library color variables with document specific colors


Currently getting more into component libraries, and I have a question regarding recoloring color variables. We have a white label app, so when we get new clients, they get a version of our app with their brand colors, icons, fonts etc. Currently we have one document that serves as a “source of truth”/template, so whenever a new client comes along, we duplicate that document, change the colors, swap logos, update text styles etc to fit their brand. This is fine and all, but leaves a large maintenance job if we decided to make changes to a component structure or asset which we use throughout for multiple clients.

When trying out component libraries, I set up a color system as a part of my library (defined as color variables), but I find no easy way to switch out the entire library color system with a document specific one. Any ways to easily do this, or workarounds?


Hey Mads!

While the option to switch out a Library for another isn’t an option natively in Sketch, the popular Automate Plugin does offer the ability to switch one Library for another and so if both of the Libraries in your case have the same structure/names then I believe that this should achieve what you are looking for! :blush:

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