Since autosave updates on web app are slow and unreliable

We are having issues when collaborating as updates take a long time to upload. Recently I had to manually do a starred version for other collaborators to see latest updates on the web app. Autosave seems to not work well atm for me.

Anyone else with this issue?

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Hi there :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the auto-saving feature. I’d like to provide some clarity and assistance regarding the recent updates to this functionality.

With the release of version 99.5, we introduced a new approach to auto-saving for Workspace documents. This update means that your Workspace documents are saved automatically and regularly as you work, eliminating the need for manual saves (⌘S) unless you wish to create a specific version. For moments when you want to mark a milestone or highlight progress, creating a new version — complete with a description or a star — is as simple as using the shortcut ^⌘S.

I’m assuming that you are using Sketch version 99.5, based on your description. If this is not the case, or if you are still encountering issues with auto-saving despite using version 99.5, let us know.

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Yes, I’m using 99.5. It worked well for a while but I’ve been having issues last two weeks at least. Autosave versions don’t show up on web app. They eventually show up after a few refreshes. Also, See latest version button takes forever to update the file. This results in developers not seeing latest updates on web app.

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Thank you for confirming your use of version 99.5. It’s unfortunate to hear about the challenges with the auto-save feature and updates not appearing promptly on the web app.

Version 99.5 was launched on January 22nd, aligning with the timeline you’ve reported. To help address these concerns, I made a *video de of the auto-save functionality in Sketch version 99.5, showing updates being viewed on the web app without manual saves (⌘S).

Please take a moment to watch the video and to compare with your experience. If discrepancies persist feel free to share a screencast with your experience.

Cheers :pray: