Workspace - Create Branches?

Not sure about anyone else, but using Abstract seems like a dated and doomed practice. The only reason I am using it is because:

  1. The branches feature is useful. Others can open files Untracked so I don’t have to worry about users messing up the files. I can also work on a branch and only publish when new additions/edits are ready. The Star and Save method on the Workspace doesn’t seem very intuitive to me.

  2. We use it for sharing our DS files (7+ files) with other agencies. They can export all the files at once as we can share a project, not individual files like you need to on a Workspace.

Would branches be a useful addition to the Workspace?

Thanks for the feedback!

The reason we don’t have branching is because we have found that for most of our users, branching tends to create more confusion than solve problems.

We do have customers who ask for it and are used to work with branches from plugins like Abstract, and its a balance we’re always evaluating.

The Star and Save method has proven to be very welcome by most of our customers that used branching, it tends to be good enough and avoid confusion in the long term.

I want you to thank you for your feedback and want you to know that we’re always considering what our customers say… be assured that we’re adding your request to our list.

If your team finds Star and save confusing I’m happy to get in a call and answer any questions you guys might have. Maybe I can bring some clarity to the process. let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.