Can anyone help with a script?

Hello. I almost never use the Adjust Content on Resize toggle in a symbol. Anytime I toggle off the option, it seems to magically become toggled on again.

Does anyone know how to create a script that toggles this on/off easily?

If anyone can explain a good use case for the feature, that would also be great! haha


Funny, I was thinking about this the last few days. I also never use this feature; however, need to explore and learn more about what it does as it could come in handy for a future project.

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I think it makes sense for vector art, so if you size something up or down, then the image/symbol keeps the same proportions.

For UX/UI/Design Systems, I haven’t found a use for it.

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Same here. Since … Forever.

I hate it, when it magically toggles itself on again.

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