No symbol strange behavior


I’m using the last version of Sketch and I don’t know why it is happening. I didn’t install new plugins and stuff and it was working totally fine 2 days ago.

When I put a No symbol on some elements, it doesn’t resize unless I do the same to a second one. This is confusing. The symbol on the left is an old one and never acted like that before. I checked for it in my doc to see if the settings were the same. It is and both do the same thing.

The new symbol on the right was created on monday and it worked perfectly when I did No symbols on some elements.

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Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

One of my colleagues from the team shared the Document with me, and we were able to find a workaround and possible cause. They’ll be in touch shortly!


There is something similar happening to me and It’s driving me crazy.

I have a card symbol with several components inside it so I can remove or replace them when necessary, but the space for the largest symbol is always preserved, even when nothing has the “Preserve space when hidden” option selected. I already had to create a new symbol just to have a card without buttons, I don’t want to create one symbol for every variation of the card…