Artboard: "Adjust content on resize" drives me crazy

The “adjust and resize content” function drives me crazy. I don’t know why, or what the concept behind it is, but it keeps randomly turning on even though I don’t want it to.

Unfortunately, I always notice it after I scale an artboard and everything else is scaled as well.

Is there any key combination that can be used to switch this on, which (unknown to me) is part of my usual actions?

I absolutely cannot understand it. I have been stumbling over this again and again for years. I use this feature maybe 1-2% of the time when scaling artboards. So it costs me significantly more time in total to keep tripping over the error, going back through the steps, checking all the artboards in question to see if the tick is magically re-enabled, then manually unchecking them again to continue with my work.

Is it just me? Am I too stupid or do I just have too thick fingers?

Can you please make this opt-in and not opt-out?

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Hey Christian,

Thank you for flagging this! Are you, by any chance, referring to the Adjust content on resize feature on Artboards? If so, that should definitely be an opt-in setting as of now. :thinking:

Would you mind reaching out to us via so we can check what could be happening here? Also, if you don’t mind, try a quick reinstall of the app to see if that helps with the issue.

Let us know! :pray:

Edit: Do note that you if you add Pinning or Resizing parameters to an element inside this Artboard, the option will become active so elements react to the resizing of the Artboard (depending on whatever you choose to activate on the element).

Hello All, I also am not sure what the “Adjust Content on Resize” feature is meant to be used for. It would be really nice to get a tutorial/ explanation on what this feature is used for. Many thanks :slight_smile:

I understand it being useful to have content resizing when you adjust the artboard size, but that should be dependant on anchoring for each element.

That must be one of the reasons why this keeps happening to me.

I sometimes have the feeling that one or the other comfort function of Sketch is more like a loss of control for users like me. Again, for me, opt-in would be the better option, even if I have previously added pinning or resizing parameters.

Thank you for this pertinent advice

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