Backwards compatibility

I have design archives going back years.
I was just going through them and most I cannot open. I am currently on v97, but am being told to download earlier versions (e.g. Sketch 93, and even earlier than that).
How can I open these files so I can show them to prospective clients?

Hi and welcome to the Forum! If your files go back several years there can be a compatibility mismatch, but it’s easy to correct. Download version 53.2, open and save the file with it and afterwards you should be able to open it in 97 and keep working there.

I recommend making a copy of one of your archive files, open it with v53.2 and see how the file does in version 97. If all checks out, you can convert the other ones and if your un into any issues don’t hesitate contacting us.

Thanks Jorge!
But how do I get 53.2 and 97.1 running on the same Mac?

Download and unzip the file. Rename it to something like “Sketch v53.2” so that macOS doesn’t ask you to replace version 97 with the older one when you move it to your Applications folder .

Then just make sure to run only one version of Sketch at a time to avoid being signed out of the other one. Let me know if you run into any issues :raised_hands:

Brilliant. You are a gentleman and a scholar. :sunglasses: