Artboard Template Inspiration listed twice in sidebar

When I go to add an artboard and select the dropdown menu in the right sidebar 'Artboard Template Inspiration" is listed twice, I think this started happening after I applied the update to the 'Artboard Template Inspiration" library, I don’t remember seeing duplicate entries before, does anyone else see this?

Not a huge problem but it’s the small details that get me :slight_smile:

Hey @Larrie

Thanks for reporting and good catch! That’s confususing indeed. Right now, the category titles are similar to the document titles. We’ll make some changes to make this more clear.

Hi @jonne

Thanks will that be an update to the Library or the Sketch app?

To the Library luckily! The changes have been made :partying_face:

CleanShot 2023-05-11 at 13.36.59@2x