In-and decrease value by 1 inspector not working.

After updating to Monterey on my iMac (intel), and updating Sketch to newest version, I cannot use these commands.

|↑|Increase value by 1|
|↓|Decrease value by 1|
|⇧↑|Increase value by 10|
|⇧↓|Decrease value by 10|
|⌥↑|Increase value by 0.1|
|⌥↓|Decrease value by 0.1|

And its killing my workflow!

Been reading about App Shortcuts in System preferences, but dont really understand or had any succes. I suspect theres a quick fix since I havn’t found any other issues matching this online!

Note: It works in other updated apps like Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Cheers and thanks in advance : )

Hi @Udyr! Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing this. Can you share which version of Sketch you’re running? I tested versions 96 and later on an Intel Mac, although it’s running Ventura and the shortcuts work as expected :thinking:, I’ll try to test on Monterey.

In the meantime, it’s worth checking if Safe Mode solves the problem: quit the Mac app and then launch it again while holding down the Shift key ⇧ . This opens it in Safe Mode and if everything works as expected, a plugin may have been causing the issue.

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Thanks for the answer and for testing - here’s some additional info : )

Sketch: Version 98 (176399)
OS: 12.6.8 (21G725)

As for the Safe mode suggestion, there’s a conflict with my older machine!
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015):
This Sketch version requires a Mac with support for Metal
Yours Mac must support Metal on macOS 10.15 or higher to run this version of Sketch. Your hardware does not meet the minimum requirement for running the version of macOS. You can still continue to use Sketch 58 or earlier.

Just thinking here, as I’m not very technical, but could the old machinery be the reason for this problem then?

Just for info, before updating I was running Catalina with Sketch version 83.2.
(as I always seem to have problems after updating, it stood still for quite a while, and now this :sweat_smile: Sometimes one has to stick with what’s working and risk not being the smartest in class!)

Thanks for this additional info Udyr! Your iMac does support Metal, and just to be sure, does this message show when running Sketch in Safe Mode? That’s a bit unusual. Safe Mode only disables the plugins and that’s it.

If you keep seeing this alert, try restarting your Mac and if the problem persist try a full reinstall as outlined here

Let me know how it goes

Sorry if unclear : )
The warning msg was shown whilst in safe mode, yes!

Will have to return to this since im away from my machine the next two weeks!

Thanks again :smiling_face: