How to successfully move a project from Abstract to Workspaces

I still have an Abstract account which has some old projects on it. I’m attempting to remove all projects from Abstract and getting them to be solely on Workspaces.

Is there some documentation somewhere for the best way to do this to retain all the library links? I remember I was sent a video when the Slack workspace was still up, but I don’t have it anymore.


Hi Jason, here’s a document that can help. It describes how to transfer local files to a Workspace while keeping your symbol instances linked to their source libraries.

In the case of an Abstract project the process is very similar, just add these steps first:

  1. Export your files from the Abstract project
  2. Optional step: rename the files and remove the Abstract suffix (branchName @ a1a1a1)
  3. Install the library files as local libraries
  4. Follow the steps provided in the guide I just mentioned
  5. Done! Your files are now a Workspace Project!

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions :raised_hands:

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