Using the Web App

Hi -

I am trying to use the web app, as I need to work on a PC. No access to a mac, and no mac app.

However, I am running into some issues:

  • How can I create a new document from scratch in the Web App? There seems to be no option.
  • I figured as a workaround I could download a template. There’s no simple blank template though - and it is also unclear how I get the template to be loaded into my workspace.
  • Should the template go somewhere specific on the PC that I am missing? I checked if I could specify a folder in the settings on the web app, but couldn’t see anything.

The web app seems to be rather lacking - but maybe I am missing something

Hi Noelle and welcome to the Forum!

To create Sketch documents or edit existing ones (like templates) you need to do it in the Mac app. The Web app lets you browse documents, download assets, play prototypes or leave comments but you cannot edit or create documents.

You need a Mac computer to run Sketch and create documents which can be saved locally or in your Workspace.

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