Local vs Cloud documents

After working with a local document I had to share it with someone, so I send it to the workspace.
Then I continued updating the document and the other party didn’t saw the changes, so I realized I was still working in the local copy.

It was a nice surprise to see the option to update the workspace document from the local one.
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I wonder if there is any tutorial on how this workspace/local tandem works in detail.

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Hi @leohans, take a look at the subsections and videos under Managing Documents

If you’re working with Document Libraries, there is a checkmark option to automatic download and update libraries in Sketch > Settings… > Libraries

Other relevant links

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It looks like you downloaded an existing Workspace document to your local hard drive, and then worked on that local document.

As that document originally came from your Workspace, its link with the Workspace is maintained, even though it’s a local document. (In all other situations, a brand new document saved to the Workspace will be MOVED to the Workspace.)

So this way, you are only ever editing and saving the local document exclusively, until such time as you choose to MANUALLY “sync” this document with its counterpart online. (Similar to how Sketch used to work in the old days with Sketch Cloud.)

This can work for you, even though it’s not really recommended, as it’s risky in that if anyone else edits the Workspace document, then you are now making edits to two different documents in two different places, so there is no longer one single source of truth, and edits made by one person will be overwritten by the other.

I can’t remember if this document started as local or a workspace document. i’m pretty confident it was a local one.
In the case of being the only one editor, is it safe to use this workflow? (the others just use the browser version for browsing and commenting only)