Where's the sub-reddit gone ?

It was a good place to find honest user feedbacks about sketch

We are uncertain about the closure of the subreddit, as it’s moderators are not part of Sketch. Please feel comfortable expressing your honesty on this platform; that is a primary motivation behind this forum. With the forum, we aim to create a transparent channel for communication between us and users, as well as to facilitate the exchange of ideas among everyone in the community.

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Hi there :wave: indeed, the subreddit in /r/sketchapp is now private and it seems the moderators are not replying to join requests. I’ve tried contacting them as well, but so far, I have not received a reply.

We’ll share any updates we have, but as Jonne mentions, please feel free to express this concern over in Reddit as well.

I recommend reaching out to Reddit for this. Either the sketchapp sub is unmoderated (mods perma afk), or they are boycotting proper use, which Reddit has acted against, especially during the recent reddit-wide protests.

As a Sketch employee, they will likely side with you, remove existing mods, and grant you or your team admin access. Regardless of whether or not you want this forum to monopolize discussions, users will inevitably, at least at times, pursue conversation via reddit. Not to mention, you could pin a link to this forum on that sub to direct traffic here.

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Thanks so much for this info @Phy! We’ll definitely follow up on this and share any news! :raised_hands: :pray:

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