@marktmcewan :frowning_face: I appreciate all the work you put into that site. It both looked awesome and was a great resource. I imagine it cost too much to maintain for free. Thank you for making it! I hadn’t used it a lot recently, but when it first came out I used it A LOT!

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Hey Jason,
Sorry for the delay in replying (I don’t log onto the community very often since it shifted from Slack to here)

The site is down for now but I have plans to get it back online very soon. (A small disagreement between myself and the developers and they took it offline without telling me!)

I still have all the data and could share the data offline which is the way I use it (I have the full site in folder form added to Sketch via the “add data source” and looks like this →

When the site goes back online it will most likely have a name change (We had interest from Adobe and Figma providing we change name !)