Where can we get stickers?

I’ve gotten a couple sketch stickers in the past for helping out with some research, but I’ve seen on Twitter there’s a whole lot of new ones and some pins. Where can we get them??

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Hi @nick

We don’t have any at the moment. Luckily we often organise giveaways, competitions and events like that where you can win swag. The best thing to do is keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram!


@jonne Hi there, maybe Sketch can open an online shop to buy some stuff :innocent:

We thought about it. But unfortunately, not in the near future. Who knows, one day maybe… :smiley:

Hey Nick,

Saw this post and knew I had these lying around. Happy to send some over if you like.


Thanks @marktmcewan! I’m good though; I think I have a couple of the logo ones already.

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