Wireframe kits?

What I love about the Sketch community is how, generally speaking it’s less brash with less hussle. That said when it comes to finding UI assets like wireframe kits I wish folk were more vocal about where to get hold of the goods. There are a few listed on SketchElements but are either from many years ago or not as complete as those I see from the Figma community. Where shaped I be looking to find/buy the good stuff?

Hey @Caspian,

Good point! We’ll take a look at how we can improve this.

We’ll keep you posted if we have more to share.

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Howdy @Caspian!

Here’s a couple of great resources from the folks at sketchappsources.com:

Let us know if these help! :pray:

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I’ve had a look. My main goal is to get my hands on a Wireframe kit that makes use of the goodness that the Sketch team has been working on recently. Those links don’t share when they were created, or what they offer. The premium ones seem to give more clues on what’s on offer so I’ll dig around more. I have downloaded some that don’t make use of Symbols or Text Styles so they are not that useful from a production point of view.
By the way, I have just bought the Source Wireframe kit on UI8.com and am impressed with how well thought out it is.

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ohh, that’s really nice.

The folks from UI8 always produce great resources and we’ll definitely check that one out! Thank you for sharing!