Welcome to our new Sketch forum

Welcome to our new community forum, your space to discuss design and shape the future of Sketch. As a company and team, we are extremely thankful to our community for always believing in us, offering their feedback and insight whenever it’s been needed, and championing each of our releases.

This forum is for you. As a thank you, and as a promise to continue working together to make Sketch the best design tool it can be.

Our first step forward in that direction is an AMA event we’ll be hosting soon. But more on that in our next announcement.

For now, we recommend checking out the following links:

  • This category. Useful information on how to navigate the forum.
  • Community guidelines. Our handbook for keeping the forum respectful and safe for everyone.
  • Off-topic. A channel dedicated to introductions and light-hearted chats.

Thank you for joining us,

Pieter + Emanuel