Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Sketch Community Forum, we’re excited to have you here!

This is a space for the Sketch community to connect, learn and get support from each other. Here you can ask questions, share your ideas and experience, learn more about Sketch and see what others make. Thanks for joining!

We’ve put together these guidelines to help us all understand how to engage within the Sketch community and what to expect from this space. By joining the forum and participating in discussions, you’re agreeing to follow these guidelines.

Code of conduct

We love interacting with our community and appreciate your help in making this forum a safe space for everyone.

  • Be welcoming and inclusive. We welcome and support everyone in this space. We’re a diverse community with different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. Please treat each other with respect and kindness. We won’t tolerate threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry.
  • Be respectful and friendly. You may not always agree with some posts, and that’s ok! Please always be considerate and seek first to understand and contribute from a place of friendship rather than cynicism/criticism. When in doubt, always ask or seek ways to clarify. This is a global community and often the same thing isn’t as obvious to everyone.
  • Constructive feedback is our bread and butter. We love to hear your ideas and want to use this space to encourage conversations within the community as well as within our teams at Sketch. We ask that you keep the feedback constructive and on topic. Please do note we are not able to answer to every request directly, but we will do our best to engage and post updates regularly.
  • Respect the rights of others. Each member is responsible for the content they post in this forum. Nothing you post should infringe the rights of others or violate applicable laws.

House rules

Forums are a great resource, but they can also be overwhelming sometimes. Help us keep this space helpful for everyone.

  • Always search. Before starting a new topic, please take the time to search for existing threads. It’s possible the question or idea you are looking to share is already on the forum and you can comment or upvote to contribute.
  • Show appreciation. Use the Like button to show appreciation for a post or comment and upvote to express your opinion. If you found the answer to your question from someone else, mark it as a solution (if the function is available)! This will make the answers easier to find, and in turn, help the entire community.
  • Be transparent. If it’s possible and safe to do, please use your real name with your account and don’t attempt to mislead other community members. We’re a group of peers interested in collaborating and supporting each other, so let’s do our best to keep this space safe and welcoming for everyone.
  • Only share your work. This forum is a public space and therefore the team at Sketch doesn’t review or approve posts before puiblishing. Please be careful to only share your own work and don’t include sensitive information you don’t have the right to share. If you identify any such information, please flag it and we will take appropriate action.

Flagging content

We want to make this forum a safe and welcome space for everyone. If you spot a post that goes against these guidelines, you don’t have to reply to it. Instead, please flag it. Our moderators will review and take any necessary action. We reserve the right to remove any content and ban community members who violate these guidelines.

We want everyone to be able to express themselves on this forum, but the following are things we cannot allow and will remove:

  • Material that breaches any applicable laws;
  • Material that infringes any intellectual property or other rights of any third party, or may give rise to any claim against us, you, or any third party;
  • Pornographic or lewd material or links to any such material, and messages or communications that are offensive, abusive, indecent, or obscene, are likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience, or anxiety to another internet user, or constitute spam.

Product and technical support

We’ve created this space so we can discuss ideas, inspire and help each other. While you might find plenty of the Sketch team here and happy to help, please continue to use our existing support channels for anything important that you would like a response or help with.

Please note we cannot support billing and technical questions through this forum. For these issues, please see Sketch Help.

How to submit bug reports. Please note our support team cannot answer to bug reports directly in the forum. Our support team will be happy to help you via one of the following options:

A few words from our lawyer…

Sketch reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this policy without prior notice.

Your participation here is subject to these guidelines, our Sketch Terms of Service, and our Privacy Statement. By giving feedback or suggestions to Sketch about our products or services, you agree that we may use the feedback and suggestions without payment, attribution, or restriction.