Text overrides resets to default when pasting text

I’m not entirely sure what causes this, but it’s been coming up a lot lately, and it feels like it happens at random?

When placing a symbol with multiple text inputs, if I paste text into one of the inputs, then deselect (either by clicking outside the symbol, or by using tab to go to the next text override in the inspector), sometimes the text input resets back to symbol default (as in just deletes the text I just pasted). Also, sometimes it resets while typing the input. I have uploaded a video, and I can mention that I never clear the input manually in this video, all happens at random.

Also, slightly unrelated - but in this video, when I click the symbol I want to replace the missing symbol with in the drop down menu, I have “Swap at original size” selected, but it actually preserves the size from the missing symbol, instead of using the new symbol’s size. This has also happened a lot lately, and can be slightly annoying.

Hopefully someone knows how to fix this!

Hey @Mads !

Thank you for sharing this with us! This is indeed an issue we have already identified, and the team is looking for sample Documents where they can replicate the issue with more accuracy. On a previous report we got, we are not able to replicate the issue reliably and we have not been able to get to the bottom of this.

Would it be possible for you to share a sample Doc (maybe just that Component) so we can test on our end and share it with the team? :pray:

I tried to place the symbol in a new document, but in the new document I could no longer replicate the issue. I unfortunately cannot share the document in its entirety because of security reasons, but I’ll come back to you if I can replicate it with a sharable document.

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Hey Mads, thanks for the update!

This might indicate something very specific to the original Document causing a bit of issues with the feature itself (the insert + SL capabilities).

We’ll keep our :eyes: peeled in case you comeback with a sample Document where we can replicate as well!

Have an excellent day.