Unable to change font when default font is unavailable

In the Mac App, when creating a new document, if the default font is now a de-activated font, it is not possible to change the typeface of any new text box.


  • I must have used the font ‘Raleway Black’ in a previous document. The font is now unavailable.
  • Every text field I create has this font selected, but it’s greyed out and I can’t change it. (screenshot)


  • I can use the Embed font settings panel to replace the font to another one.
  • It works but it’s counter intuitive.

MacOS Sonoma
Sketch 99.5 (178873)
Fontbase for font management

Thank you.

Hi @Jean-Francois-b,

Thanks for sharing this issue. Another workaround is selecting the layer on Canvas and then double click it to enter edit mode. Once you’re in edit mode, deselect the layer and select it again. You won’t be able to edit it and change the typeface until you deselect and select again.

Here’s a demo video, I hope it helps:

Hi Jorge,

thanks again for such a prompt response.

That workaround works better, thank you. Still not super intuitive, but for something that doesn’t really happen often, that’s fine with me.

Have a great day.

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Hey Jean-Francois,

Yep, this can surely improve :grimacing: . Have a great day too and please feel free to share any other questions or feedback.