Can't Use Multiple Fonts in One Text Box

I’m having an issue when trying to select/edit text when multiple fonts are present in the text box. Highlighting text is misaligned and the text bleeds over the edge of the text box.

  • Where does this issue happen (Mac, web, iPhone)?

    MacBook Pro 15-Inch 2017; macOS 13.6.3
    Sketch 99.1

  • Can you provide a short summary of your case (step-by-step if relevant)?

    Steps: Create text box. Add multiple lines to box. Change font of a line of text.
    Result: The text updates visually, but editing the text no longer works correctly. See attached.

Hello Juan and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for taking the time to contact us. It seems your post was created without attachments.I did a quick test with version 99.1, using multiple fonts and applying several edits like size, line height, spacing and all worked as expected.

Can you share with me a bit more detail or a video showing how is editing affected? Take a look at the video below:

Thanks in advance :pray:

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