Customize Font Menu

macOS handles fonts better than any other platform. Unfortunately, it’s not quite perfect. Along with some useful preinstalled fonts, Mac ships with a lot of fonts only for website or app support, things like STIX fonts for mathematical symbols, or typefaces for other languages. These aren’t fonts you’d ever use in a design, but they clutter up the font menu in Sketch, and make it quite frustrating to use. Apple apps, which use the system font picker, like Keynote and Pages hide these kinds of fonts automatically. (This is a known complaint, here’s a great article explaining the situation)

But adopting the system font picker would give up the wonderful features that Sketch has built in, like search and better keyboard selection. So I propose a better idea: let us pick which fonts show up in the menu. By default, all fonts should appear, but by marking certain typefaces as “hidden” they’ll disappear from the menu, making skimming through the font menu way nicer. (Bonus points for letting this customization work on a per-document basis, although this is less important).