UI/UX Courses you recommend


Can anyone recommend courses or resources to learn to become a UI/UX designer?

Hey Yousef,

I don’t have the all-compassing answer, but I’ll try to point you to a few resources we’re offering.

I usually learn a lot by looking at other apps or websites that inspire me and figuring out what made them so beautiful or intuitive. Beyond the Canvas has some articles that provide deeper insights into interesting cases. For example, in this article about Walkbox they describe how they built it. You can also find links to some basic tips and tricks about mockups, UI, UX and graphic design, and the features and techniques they used to create the app. There are more articles, like this one with Letterbox.

Becoming a UI or UX designer doesn’t require being skilled in a specific tool, regardless, these Sketch 101 and Sketch 102 are quite interesting to look at and can hopefully inspire you.


Thanks for your reply and thank you for introducing me to Beyond the Canvas. Very useful for a beginner like me.

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