A few Sketch resources worth knowing about

Whether youโ€™re brand new to Sketch or looking for a refresher, here are some great resources to get you started:

:closed_book: Docs: This reference manual covers everything from how to navigate the interface to how to make the most of different features.

:teacher: Sketch 101: Joseph Todaro walks you through everything you need to start designing with Sketch โ€” including how to set up your Workspace.

:mortar_board: Sketch 102: Following on from Sketch 101, Joseph is back and showing you how to supercharge your designs โ€” from prototyping, to developer handoff.

:framed_picture: Beyond the Canvas Blog: Read about a wide range of industry topics and up your game with handy design tutorials.

:sparkles: Whatโ€™s New: Stay up to date with the latest features in our Mac, web and iPhone apps.

:compass: Discover: This curated list of resources and handy links lives right in your Workspace, updates often, and lets you toggle between content types.

Have you got a go-to resource to learn about all things Sketch? Let us know in the replies, Iโ€™d love to hear about them!