Anyone know any good sketch UI tutorials/Designs to follow and copy

I am trying to level up my visual designing skills using Sketch abut I find that all of the tutorials out there seem to be tailored toward Figma. While that’s ok, there doesn’t really seem to be a copy-and-follow kinda vibe for designing cool iOS interfaces in Sketch as there are definitely subtleties to the tools. I would love someone to help point me down a path of tutorials or tweets of someone who designs seriously cool Ui in Sketch to help me improve my abilities within the application.

Thanks in advance

Hi Bruno. :wave:
Have you checked out the Sketch 101 and Sketch 102 courses?

Hey Brett, Yeah those are amazing for getting to grasp with everything but its still pretty difficult to learn how to push something to the max without just having that consistent stream of unquie videos and styles you know

Although it’s not tutorials, you could also check out all the resources at Sketch App Sources for some inspiration, and then download them and see how they are put together.

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You can also find interesting articles about a variety of subjects on our Beyond the Canvas > Learn Design page.


I had no idea this existed in the great Internet thank you

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Thank you yes, Just finding it hard to get through and see how i can connect certain techniques into more comprehensive and styled Ui but I guess that is part of the learning journey