Thumbnails not syncing


Recently I noticed project thumbnails are not updating in the Mac app and in Workplace. I tried setting them from scratch and all other things I could think of, but they don’t work. Previously there was no issues. I’m using all the latest software. Thanks!


Hey Edran! :wave:

We’ve encountered an issue related to thumbnails that might be relevant here. During our recent testing, we observed a situation where if the first page is empty and the thumbnail is located on a different page (not the first one), it doesn’t seem to translate correctly in both the Mac app and the web app.

A potential workaround we’ve discovered is to temporarily move the thumbnail to the first page, set it as the thumbnail, save the document, and then move it back to its original location.

Additionally, we’ve noticed that this issue appears to be specific to workspace documents, as local documents are functioning as expected.

Could you please check if this scenario applies to your situation? Your input would be greatly appreciated! :blush:

Cheers :pray:

Seems to work but hope there will be fix for this as it creates a mess with thumbnails and manually doing this on a lot of files is not fun :slight_smile: Thanks for the workaround!

Hey Edran!

Thank you so much for the heads up and your efforts in trying these steps.
The team yesterday deploy a solution for this so it should not happen anymore.

Cheers :pray:

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