Swap symbols via API for symbols that have overrides turned off

This of course sounds like a very off thing to do, but the scenario is that We use spacing symbols in our symbols that we don’t really want to expose in instances as it makes the instances overrides far more complex than needed but we would like to override/toggle them with blank spacer images (plenty of reasons for this, i.e. keeping spacers in autolayout but not wanting to lose the space when “clean”) to give a clean version of the designs without the spacers.

Is it possible for the API via an extension be able to toggle overrides on these Sketch non overridable symbols?

I can’t answer anything about the API query, but for occasions in the past where I have made use of spacer Symbols, what I used to do was to simply hide the visibility of them on the original source Symbols themselves, which would then be reflected in the Instances where they are used.
See the basic example here.

The issue with this is I cannot show a version of the iPhone 11 Symbol (I know its only an art board in your case but we would want as a symbol) that has all the spacing shown, and another next to it that is clean of any spacing markers. We have a extension that can go through an art board and replace(toggle) the spacers with a transparent symbol which maintains the space cleanly

Any further thoughts on this Brett? Surely the API should be able to address all things within a document, not just those that are visually exposed upstream to the instance.

Hi Mark.
Sorry, that’s an area that I don’t know too much about.
I think your best bet is to use the Contact form on the Sketch website, and to then select Feature Request from the Topic dropdown.
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