Images changed by override in symbol instances should be exportable

If I have made an image in a symbol exportable, all images in instances of this symbol that have been replaced by an override should also be exportable.

At the moment it’s a real pain to send the developers the images used.

My workflow looks like this: I create icons for various purposes, e.g. for key visuals in the hero, or card title images. Then I set the image layer to exportable. Then I use various instances of these symbols on different artboards and change the images in the instances via override. So far, I think this is a typical use case.

I assume that the images (since I have set the image layer to exportable) should now all be exportable for the devs. But they are not. They only have access to the image that is stored in the symbol, regardless of which image I have set via override in the instance.

Now every time the devs want the images, I’m faced with the problem that I can’t simply send them the images. (Actually, I should be finished with the handoff task of image delivery when I have set the icon to exportable). One workaround is that I detach all instances from their symbols, then the override images are exportable … but that can’t be the purpose of breaking my Sketch file just to regulate the handoff …

I am happy that someone mentioned this issue! I understand you. I hope the team at Sketch understands this painful and time-consuming bug.

It is one of the main reasons we still use Zeplin besides Sketch.
We have a library of more than 1000 symbols of icons and use them in hundreds of symbols. Imagine what happened I we didn’t have Zeplin!

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