SVG overrides on symbols

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I wonder to understand how to activate image override on symbols, but using a SVG (like, you know, designing buttons with icon). With a “normal” image it works, text override is ok, but there is no chance with svg.

I did a search here, but I didn’t find a topic about this—maybe I just missed.

Any help?

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Hey Marco,

Thanks for the message!

What you could do in this case is:

  • Create a Symbol using the SVG you want to use.
  • Then, when you want to swap out different Symbols you could change the Symbol via overrides to other similarly sized Artboards.
  • If you use an Icon font (like FontAwesome or SF Pro Text) then these do work as normal text Overrides.

We made a super simple Document showcasing this (and how you can swap between all the different Symbols. Let us know if this helps!

Overrides-sample.sketch (7.9 MB)

Thanks Raul,
sure, FontAwesome works great as normal text Overrides, the problem come when I need to use SVG icons (like Bootstrap, for example, that have font but in woff format).

Anyway, I tried the Symbolized-Icon-Way you suggested and help as well. I’m gonna do it.

Thanks a lot!

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