Some problems with auto layout

1.Groups with automatic layout cannot drag options at both ends.

2.The effect of drag options is inconsistent.

3.There is a problem with the sensitivity of the drag handle in the input box.

4.Pasting content to the group of auto layout has no expected alignment effect.

Sketch 99.1
Test.sketch (318.4 KB)


@tryo thank you so much for sharing these with us!

We’ll make sure to review each one of these, report them to the team, and as soon as we have an update on them report back!

In one of these we noticed that Sketch is using the top-level setting of Smart Layout instead of the nested one you’re pasting the element in, that might be why it is pasting it below the group itself and not right next to the selected element.

We’ll keep investigating and let you know!

Thank you so much once again :pray:


Alright, so we have been checking all these issues, one by one.

We have filled reports with the team for issues #1, #2 and #4

We weren’t able to replicate #3, and we wonder if this has to do with Mice or Trackpad settings interfering here. We’ll keep investigating, but more details about your current setup would be really helpful here! :pray:

In regards to #4, we found something quite specific:

  • The issue does not happen if you Pause Smart Layout
  • Or if you have set Smart Layout (the top Group) to Bottom to Top.

We have communicated all of these findings with the team and as soon as they have an update, we’ll make sure to let you know! Thank you once again for sharing this with us! :star_struck: :pray:

I don’t use the mouse. I use the built-in trackpad without setting additional parameters. Normally, there is no problem. It only uses multiple combinations of automatic layouts to cause problems.

The reason for the speculation about the content of the third point is that the problem occurs because the upper layer has set up automatic layout. If it is only a separate automatic layout group, there will not be this problem.

If the automatic layout of the upper layer is canceled, it won’t happen, but this is actually still a bug.


To be honest, the layout logic relationship between the upper and lower groups that set up automatic layouts at the same time has not been dealt with seriously.

If the above situation is too strict, a single automatic layout group will also have problems.
When using ctrl+d to copy to the nth, the spacing will be 0, and the fixed spacing will fail.

I believe your team can do better.


Thanks for the extra info and the details. Would it be possible for you to share the sample Document you used in the video so we can validate? We’ve been trying to replicate the same behaviour, even using the exact same parameters as you have in your video in the different Groups but we have not managed to make the interaction behave as you show in your video.

We tested on 3 different machines (Macbook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Studio) and it all performs well on our end. We also tested on different pointing devices: External mice, built-in trackpad and external Trackpad, and likewise we couldn’t replicate this behaviour.

Thanks a ton in advance!

We also tried to replicate this one, on the following setup:

  • A Group with Smart Layout - Left to Right
  • A Group within a Group, both with Smart Layout enabled.

In both cases:

  • If the initial Group is Tidy, SL will always perform as expected.
  • One thing we did notice with your Test.sketch file (and thanks a ton for sharing that!) is that, even though the group where the spacing is not respected appears Tidy, we had to select the elements within the Group, and press Tidy again.
  • This made SL work as expected and always leave the spacing as is.

I found a possible situation, that is, the size is a decimal point.
Test2.sketch (98.4 KB)

use: MacBook pro m1pro

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That’s a great catch! Thanks for the sample Document and for the extra info, we’ll pass this along to the team so they can review where the issue might be!