About Layout (left to right)

I’m trying to group three tab items:

  • Option 1 (size constrained)
  • Option 2 (size constrained)
  • Filler (size not constrained, to continue the line under unselected items).

The layout doesn’t reflect changes on the width of the symbols when changing the text inside nor when making the group bigger. The expected behavior is the filler width to adapt to maintain the group width when other symbols are bigger or smaller and to adapt to the group width (the workaround for the later is to modify group size just changing the width of the filler)

Sketch here really needs to just copy Figma (as they did Sketch for almost everything :slight_smile: ). Smart layout should be much more dynamic, as auto-layout is. Currently it is too sensitive of an object, you can break it too easily. Options like fixed size / hug content / fill container that Figma has would solve all these issues.

Sketch folks (@paulozoom ?), are you open to sharing plans for this particular feature in detail with the community here? This really feels like a top priority of an interface design tool, at least from what I’m seeing. Latest updates are in the right direction but still very far from the complete functionality that we need.

@leohans Just by your description, I’m not 100% sure if I understand you correctly. Instead of me making assumptions, could you perhaps show a mockup demonstrating the action and desired outcome? Plus, I’m not quite clear of where the Filler object is, visually.

@wwwedran Smart Layout, and layout in general, is indeed a top priority as you mention. However, I don’t have detail to share. We’ve got lots to do, and our plan is to keep working on this.

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Starting with:

Layout: Horizontal from left to right

At least one of these this should happen: When [element1] gets wider (longer text, for instance) it should “push” the other elements to the right.

@leohans Right, we’re aware of that specific issue where Symbols with Smart Layout inside a Group with Smart Layout will fail to do that, and we’ll fix it.