Negative spacing in auto-resizing groups resizes elements

When working with auto-resizing groups I noticed that negative values (overlapping elements) behave different from positive values when I try to resize a single element.
With positive values, if I resize the element then the spacing is honoured and all other elements of that group will be moved so that the spacing remains the same.
When I do this with a group of overlapping elements however, the adjacent element is being resized instead of moved.
And an other oddity is that when I try to resize the layout group (to create more rows / columns) my negative spacings are all reset to zero.
See my screen recording for clarification.

Hi @ppdc

Sorry for the late reply on this one!

In this particular scenario looks like the mix between negative spacing and overlapping is a limit to Smart Layout.

I’ve shared this with the Tech team so they can look into it. I’ll post any updates here as they become available.

Thanks again :pray:

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