Smart Layout: Reposition Element on new line when shrinking

I’ll post this on “suggest an idea” since I haven’t seen any solution for it so far. Maybe (hopefully) I’m wrong and this already is possible

Is it possible, that when I resize an element in its width, the inner-elements on the very right are repositioned on a new line? Exactly as text floats.

not sure if this quick & dirty screenshots explains my desire

No, it’s not possible. Thanks for the suggestion!

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thanks for the fast reply Paul. Would be super nice to see this in the future. I love to work with symbols and nested symbols, which all act responsive (smart) to each other.
Have a nice day Paul

We for sure want to get there eventually, but to set the expectations right, there’s still a significant road ahead for us in terms of Smart Layout, and the topic of layout in general, before we’re at a point where we can deliver this particular feature. I can only promise we think layout is terribly important and we’ll continue to make progress on this.

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this is totally fine to me, as long as you guys have it on top of your list.
Also you’re already working on smart layout out of symbols, which I would definitely appreciate to have this option.
quick off-topic: prototyping is still very limited in Sketch. any updates in terms of these plans? direction high-fidelity prototyping? Plus: animation in general? lottiefiles native support etc.?

cheers Paul

We’ve touched on this here and there in the forum, such as in the Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Sketch founders Pieter & Emanuel, or some other prototyping requests, so it’s no secret: we’ve been working on a new prototyping engine which will open the door to us doing more with prototyping. We’ve just started to explore how to put it to work, it will take some time to figure out, but we’re on it.

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