Smart Layout isn't triggered when a group is resized

Loving the new Smart Layout feature in version 99.

Having a play around with it, I noticed an inconsistency, however.

I have a group with vertical layout, with an image and a couple of text layers in it, and the parent artboard has vertical layout too. I can resize the the elements individually, and Smart Layout is triggered; but if I alter the width of the group, Smart Layout is not triggered.

As you can see none of the child elements’ heights are updated: the image doesn’t keep its aspect ratio, and the heading crashes into the text beneath.

Is this a bug, or expected behaviour?

Hi Jamie. :wave:

This is an issue that is being looked at to resolve.
However, in the meantime, rather than resizing the group itself, you can multi-select all the elements within the group and resize them as one, achieving the result that you want.

I hope this helps.


Hi, Brett.

Thanks for letting me know. As always, keep up the excellent work. Love the app, and looking forward to future updates.


I hope that the solution to this problem will also ensure that Smart Layout is triggered when symbol instances are scaled.

Hi Christian.
I am not aware of any issues that fit the description you gave?
Is this something that you have already reported? If so, let me know, and I can look into the status of it.
Otherwise, if it’s something new, please do make a new topic detailing your issue.

@Brett I would like to trigger Smart Layout without clicking on “Size instance to fit content”:

Hi Christian.
I see the situation you are encountering there.
It’s a situation that is unique to Smart Layout on Symbols, which has been available for some time, and a lot of our recent work has been on bringing Smart Layout capabilities to groups and Artboards outside of Symbols, and also expanding on its capabilities in the process.
As this is something we’re already looking at for resolving in groups, we’ll be sure to discuss bringing the same improvements to Symbols as well.
Thanks for your feedback.