Slow Performance on the Mac app (M1 Pro)

Am I the only one getting poor performance on the Mac app these past few months?

The app is slow (especially with the colour picker, the app always hangs for a few seconds when activating the function) and always takes a huge amount of system memory, slowing down the whole computer.

It happens with new, small, medium and large files. To the point where I’m on the cusp of switching to Figma…

Where does this issue happen?
Mac app Version 97.2 (173315)
Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1
M1 Pro 2021 - 16GB
Plenty of disk space available

Hello, @euphorik000, thanks for reporting this! :wave:

We are aware that with the release of version 72 (which matches the times you mentioned), we added some changes that may affect the performance (mainly with handling symbols under specific circumstances).

We’ve been actively working on this, and it will be fixed with the very next release of Sketch. Just to be sure this is the case you are suffering from, you can download and install the Beta version (available here) and try one of your documents there (or even a copy if you don’t want to risk anything; you have a disclaimer on the Beta, remember to read it!).

If you prefer not to install it (remember that you can do it alongside the current Sketch version), feel free to reach out via, and we will look into this together.


The new release is here!

So no need to test it in the Beta version; you can directly test it in Sketch v98 (available here or just update from within Sketch).


I don’t see this performance improvement/fix listed in the release notes.

I downloaded the update this morning and no real improvements on my end. Amongst other things, these are the most obvious and most reproducible:

  • saving large files locally hangs the app for 20+ seconds
  • changing pages on medium and large files takes several seconds before the artboards are loaded
  • using the colour picker still hangs the app for 5 sec before being responsive again – very disruptive of my workflow
  • very often I can see the system memory going up to 10GB consumed by Sketch – (don’t know if it’s normal) but even after closing all files, the app still takes 4GB of system memory
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10GB of memory is normal and expected; it would probably use more if it could. I know this from using a 64gb Mac Studio vs my 16gb MacBook Pro.

Obviously the terrible performance shouldn’t occur.

Hi again!

I’m sorry to hear that. We made improvements, but it seems you are experiencing a different issue here.

Due to privacy policies, could you email us one of the files triggering this behavior so we can analyze it on our side?

You can send it to, and we will take it from there (starting an investigation to see what is happening).

v98 is unusable for me… on top of the issues mentioned above, if I click to open a file from the starting window or from recent files, nothing happens. I have to close the app completely and reopen. Performance is very poor.

I will send one of my files to support if I find the time to do so.

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This is still happening on the latest version 98.2. It is still very very very slow, I’m on an iMac Pro with 64gb of memory, I cannot even imagine what others working on 16gb must experience.

M1 with 16GB of memory here.
Sketch works great. I’m just resetting the app occasionally (6-8 hours of work I guess).

Comparing Sketch (a native macOS app) to the Figma App might lead to some misunderstandings. Their app is built on Chromium. Figa has active memory limit of 2GB per browser tab (for the App and Web).

Hi @Phy and @gbull

Sorry to hear you’re seeing these performance issues.

There can be several things that affect performance and slow down Sketch. Considering this, the best option is if we can take a look at the affected files and run some tests

Like Diego mentioned, can you contact us at to share the file ? We’ll be ready to jump in. Many thanks in advance

I own a Sketch license, but I don’t currently use it. I just track updates for now.

I used to have several performance issues with Sketch running on an M1 MacBook Pro, but they solved when we ditched Abstract and started working on Sketch’s workspace directly.

Just FYI, in case some of you are running Sketch through Abstract.