General Performance on M3 Max MacBook Pro

is anyone else getting general performance issues … I’m using same templates for a few years, multi artboards, several pages … lots of symbols … always fine. but on my new M3 Max Pro pro Sketch is really skittish. Worst thing is delayed selection … if I click on an item … it’s feels like half a sec before it happens, zooming in out is delayed , I f I drag something there a pause.
autosave is off and no other program running 36GB Memory Sonoma (was the same on previous OS)

I noticed performance issues on M1 Max with 32GB RAM. Specifically on Symbols page when I was moving them around and editing, I had pretty big lag. I turned off plugins and it works ok now, so maybe it is that. I think I had issues with Symbol Organizer plugin which I use every day, if that is the issue it is very unfortunate, but not up to Sketch. I wish Sketch built a way to organize Symbols on Symbols page in some way to not rely on plugins which are more and more outdated. But I digress.

cheers for replying.

I don’t use any plug-ins … there’s Unsplash by Sketch in the Plug-ins, but it’s not on.

It really is awful - verging on unusable

To be truthful, my experience seems to be the opposite of yours, but I recently switched to an M3 Max with 128 GB RAM from an Intel iMac with 64 GB RAM, perhaps that’s the reason. If you want, you can share your file with me, and I’ll give it a test run.

Hey, thanks …
I’m afraid I can’t … NDA client stuff.
I was on an M1 before … it seemed fine.
I’m going to try and reinstall Sketch.

I’m having the issue from today again in the same file. There’s no particular reason I can point to. I duplicated a symbol and I got a beach ball and from there I can only do one move at a time and then wait for 2 or 3 seconds for screen to refresh. Moving through the symbols page has the same performance issues. I keep my installation very clean and minimum of plugins. I also tried without plugins, issue remains.

This seems like a rather serious issue and makes Sketch unusable for me on a very fast computer.

Hey @pwar66 ,

I’m sorry to hear about this performance issue and I’d love to help! I know sometimes there are NDA and privacy constraints but if you can provide a sample file with just enough content to reproduce the issue that’d be a huge help for the Tech team to look into it.

Another option is to record a log file, that’s helpful but the file is the best option. Can you drop us a line in ? Many thanks in advance :pray:

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me.
How do I record a log file?

Hi @pwar66 , here’s how to record it:

  1. Launch Sketch and open the affected document
  2. Launch the Terminal App (found in Applications/Utilities/) and input this command:
    sample Sketch 90 -wait -mayDie -file ~/Desktop/Sample-$(date "+%Y-%m-%d_%H.%M.%S").txt
  3. Go back to Sketch and trigger the slowness. Keep the slowness going for as long as possible
  4. The log will run for 90 seconds (that’s the 90 in the command); once it’s finished, a new text file will be saved in your desktop.
  5. Please share this file to our support email:

Let me know if you have any questions

thanks - will do

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