Slow Internet connections - feedback lacking

When working on the road, I’m often stuck with low speed connections. I’m often having issues with my cloud documents then. I’m the only editor of the documents.

The fact that it’s not working very well is kinda expected, but I find the feedback of what’s happening lacking.

  • When saving a document on slow connection, more often than not a notice appear that I’m offline. (although I’m actually connected, I can browse the web, access and stream content).
  • In that case, it’s unclear if my document is still being uploaded. There is no upload progress bar, or place to check progress.
  • When trying to close the document, a ‘this document is still being sent to the workspace’ modal/popup appears and contains a progress bar, but it doesn’t seem to be accurate.

I find myself checking and refreshing my file on to try and see what’s happening and if I’m going to lose changes.

I know it’s probably not the most common issue, but I like using Sketch over other editors for the reason it’s a desktop based solution that works well offline. I use cloud docs for presentations and handoffs. but find the lack of feedback in that situation to be annoying.

Thank you.

Hey Jean-Francois,

Thank you for bringing this up. We feel this is a really good way to showcase how Sketch works when saving Documents and your work.

Currently, the Mac app saves a version when:

  • You press ⌘S (Command-S) to save a Version;
  • You close the Document/Quit the Mac app, the Mac app will automatically push the updates you made (since your last update) to save them on the web app.

By default, we keep on saving your Document while you work on it, this is so there’s no need to keep on pressing ⌘S (like we used to do way back in the day) all the time to keep your data secure, Sketch is actively saving your work locally while you keep making progress.

The window you see is the Mac app sending all those changes/patches to the web app so they can be processed and rendered for you to share and view on the Workspace. However, this process can be affected by a number of things such as:

  • Connection stability
  • Bandwidth
  • Security settings and/or
  • Network settings (ex. Firewalls preventing the app from connecting correctly to the server)

In this case we’d love to hear more about your specific setup and see if there’s anything we can spot there to assist or even advise to prevent this from happening again. If you feel more comfortable reaching out privately, you can do so via

Let us know if this helps :smiley: