Sketch visability in the AppStore

When I want to check what’s new in the Sketch app on my iPhone, I enter the app name in the search bar of the App Store, but it never-ever finds it. Previously, I used to add the word “mirror” to find the old version of the Sketch app and then navigate to the current one through developer page.

Can you make your ASO a bit better? Or, can you add a release note inside of your app?

For people facing the same issue: you should tap on your Avatar at Home Screen → Purchased → My Purchases → Type “Sketch” in the search bar to find Sketch.

It’s hard to find in any search engine. Because the word sketch is too common. Figma, for example, is much easier to find because the name is unique. Maybe a new name is needed.

But please make sure that the new name does not have double meanings in one language or another.

For example, in German Figma sounds like an invitation to sexual intercourse. Or the product Wix sounds like masturbation in German.

Figma is showing up for “Sketch view” keywords. I believe it’s a matter of ASO in that case.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! The team in charge of the ASO is already taking care of this, so rest assured it will be improved soon.

PS: what an unfortunate choice of names :speak_no_evil:

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Any chance?

FYI this isn’t resolved. Searching “Sketch” in the iOS App Store doesn’t return “Sketch - View and Mirror” anywhere in the results. By contrast, both InVision and Figma do appear in the results, along with a great many other apps.

Searching “sketch mirror” returns the Sketch Mirror app as the first result.

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This is still being worked on, but as soon as it’s finished, we will inform you as @Treword suggested.