Broken Search Bar in Inspect Menu

While searching any icon in inspect menu at second time, the search area looks like broken.

I am using MacOS Sonoma v14.1.1 (23B81) and Sketch App v99.1.

Hi @Egemen,

Thanks for sharing this. I did some tests but so far, the search overlay is working as expected. Can you share a bit more detail how this happens on your end?

I searched for the icon several times, please take a look at the video below and let me know what did I miss, thanks. I’m running Sonoma 14.1 and version 99.1 as well.

Hi Jorge, thanks for quick response,
I made a screen recording for this issue. You can see that search is working properly at firs time but another searches are broken.
Sketch Search Issue

Hey @Egemen thanks so much for the video!

I couldn’t reproduce the exact effect you’re seeing, only in a minor way, take a look at the screenshot:


This happens when I delete the last search term, just like in your video, the highlight falls out of place. This happened on an external monitor, it didn’t happen on my Macbook Air screen (I have the 13" model)

Can you share your display details with me? You can also send them to if you prefer


Hi Jorge,
I am using Huawei MateView 4K monitor but it is happening on other 1080p HP monitor.

Thanks for the update @Egemen I’ve shared this one with the team! I’ll share any updates as soon as I get them