Sketch Cloud: Copying a URL should always be a fixed version

When viewing files or artboards in the browser, the current URL should be the one that links to this specific version. People tend to copy the URL if they want to link a layout, for example in Jira. Problem is: The default URL “points to the head” (to use a git reference) and always shows the latest (visible) version. When developers start working on a file and use the layout it might have already been changed/advanced to future versions. I know that I can copy the versioned URL from the ••• menu in the version view, but I can’t burden this to all the people posting links to designs. So, can’t the URL always include the version?

I think you are intended to use Starred versions for this sort of thing…

Yes, I do, otherwise the product managers and developers wouldn’t even see the layouts. But even those starred Versions can have later successors that might be already visible.

By and large, on apps with user-created content, the default URL is a representation of the latest version, not a specific moment in time — this is true in Sketch, in Figma, in Google Docs, in Notion, and so so many others.

I’d be very reluctant to go against the expectation that this pattern has created. Like other apps, we make it possible to grab a version-specific URL (on the web app). We could likely make it more convenient, or increase the awareness of whether you’re looking at the latest version, but I believe the current approach is the right default.

Ok, I can accept that. I guess, I will just write some internal how-to-postings :slight_smile: