Sketch 99.5: issue with iOS app prototype view

In the iOS app, interactions of prototypes are working very poorly. It requires multiple taps for a button interaction, regardless of size. Instead of the interaction, only the indication of the hotspot area briefly appears, but it doesn’t navigate to the set screen.

It used to work beautifully until now, and this is a bit frustrating :frowning:

Using iOS 17.2.1 on iPhone 13 Mini

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I am having the same problem and am having great difficulty. Have you solved yours since then?

Hi @Beegee,

Sorry for the super late reply, I hope we’re still able to help! I’ve been using lately prototypes in the iOS app and it works as expected. If possible, can you share a copy or sample of your affected file? :pray: apologies again for the lateness.

Hi @coago,

Welcome to the Forum! Can you share a bit more detail about the problem you’re running into? Also, it will be of great help if you can share a sample or copy of your file so we can take a closer look.

As I mentioned to Beegee, I’ve been using prototypes iun the iOS app, and it works smoothly, but there are many use cases.

If you prefer, you can share us any files you want us to look at at our support email

If you want to share a Workspace document link, please make sure to activate Support Access so we can see the file, thanks in advance