Sketch 97.1 Slice Layer issues

Hello everyone, maybe you can help me out with the issues of Slice Layer via the Sketch 97.1.

In the latest version, shape with shadows which inside a group cannot be sliced correctly, as far as I know, this problem exists after Sketch 95.3. This feature is very important and common to me, and I want to experience the features of the new version, but because of this problem, I can’t do it.

Hello @alenlawliet, we’ve been trying to reproduce this issue to no avail. After discussing this with the Support team, we think re-installing Sketch is worth the shot. You can find instructions on how to do it cleanly on our Help page.

I know this sounds very general and typical troubleshooting, but we’re puzzled. This issue should not happen in 97.1, and we could discuss a problem in your specific, current Sketch installation. A clean slate should solve it. I hope it helps!

Thank you for your reply
I tried re-installing Sketch 97.1, but the issue still persists. I recorded a video to better illustrate the issue

Hello @alenlawliet, thanks for the video! now I see this is about creating a group within the shape. We’ve filed this issue internally and we’ll let you know when we ship a fix.

In the meantime, let’s try to find a workaround. My first suggestion is to avoid the creation of self-containing groups like the one in the video, but that’s perhaps not the best solution depending on the actual work you might be doing.

Could you share an example of a working document so we can take a look? If you don’t want to share it in public, please send an email to

I hope this helps!