Sketch 97.2 is terrible!

Layers are no longer selected correctly at all. it’s terribly annoying. text is not highlighted. layers it is not clear how they behave inside the hierarchy of layers. developers please compare your versions between each other, because it is impossible to use this

Mac M1

Hey Sam,

We want to help you out, but to get a better idea of what’s going on, could you give us some more details?

You mentioned that layers aren’t getting selected properly, and text highlighting isn’t working as it should. Also, you find it confusing how layers behave within the hierarchy.

To better understand the problem, it would be awesome if you could share a quick video showing the steps you’re taking when these issues pop up. This way, we can see exactly what’s happening and provide more precise assistance.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting the video here, no problem at all! Feel free to reach out to us privately at Our team will be more than happy to help you out behind the scenes.

Thanks for speaking up about this. Cheers :wave: