Sketch 97.1 Editor bugs

Hey Sylvan :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with Sketch. It sounds frustrating, especially when you compare them to your previous experience. Your feedback is valuable, and it’s important to recognize that your experience as user is also valid.

Based on your description, it does seem like there might be an unexpected behavior. The randomness and lack of handle length you’re encountering do raise concerns.

To address this issue properly and perform further troubleshooting, I recommend take this to the support realms via email at Through this contact we’ll be able to assist you more effectively. We might need to collect logs or perform in-depth investigations, and for your privacy and security, it’s best not to share sensitive information on a public forum.

I will keep an eye on our inbox to make sure we address your email ASAP.

Cheers :pray: