Pinned/Starred Documents

Hi !
It would be great to be able to pin (or Star) a document in the Mac App (and in the cloud).
Maybe it could be a good feature to get pinned/starred documents to find them easily (mostly when you’ve got lots of documents). And also get some starred documents for the team and/or starred documents for each user.

Welcome @arnom, and thanks for the feedback :man_bowing:

We’re currently working on new features to make it easier to organise and find your Sketch documents in both the Web app and Mac app, so this feedback is well timed! Enabling users to “pin” items is an interesting idea :bulb: and something that has been brought up internally too.

I’d love to hear a little bit about how you’re getting around not being able to pin/star documents at the moment. How are you finding the documents you want to work on? Do you rely primarily on search, or do you scroll to find what you’re looking for?


Hi @tim :wave:
Today we’ve got lots of documents in the Sketch Cloud, different persons in the team are working on different kinds of projects. When you open sketch, the first tab opened is “recent documents” but not recently updated by the team, it’s MY recent documents. So usually I go to All documents and I search the document inside. Recent documents are not really good for managers who have to check many design documents :wink: If I could pin some documents I think it could be great to find them quickly without searching !

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@arnom Thanks for sharing, this is insightful :nerd_face:

I’d love to hear what others in the community think too, and encourage folks to share thoughts around pinning items in Sketch! :ear:

+1 for pinning/favoriting documents in a project so they appear prioritized from other documents for easier access.

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