[Released] Ability to scroll horizontally in a prototype

This will be huge help! Being able to scroll horizontally will help in prototyping mobile apps and data grid will ton of columns.

I agree, this would be a huge help. We can’t make any promises, but thanks for the suggestion and putting it on our radar, Salman!


Hello! I’m new to Sketch and the first thing that came to me when using it is inability to scroll cards horizontally (for a mobile app design). It’s a must-have feature, as every other app is now using horizontal scrolling (recall Stories in Intagram, or similar apps). There would be no need to use other apps to do prototyping which is a huge benefit.

I’m surprise that there are only 7 votes for this feature! :slight_smile:

Please, make this feature available! Thanks!

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:100: Agreed, being able to scroll horizontally will push prototyping in sketch to next level. I am still hoping sketch devs will implement this at some point… Pls up vote.

Thanks @missmarla and @smunawar for bringing this to our attention again!

This is huge missed opportunity as SO MANY apps relay on this sort of functionality now a days for screen real-estate purposes. Being able to illustrate this simple functionality is very very important so the developer handoff will be a lot smother. As well as for stakeholders testing out prototypes.

This function (horizontal scrolling) has been implemented in Sketch. Please check https://www.sketch.com/blog/version-100/

Thanks a bunch, really enjoying sketch 100. It adds much needed functionality to remain competitive.