Scrolling Prototypes

The feature right now it’s very limited. I know there are topics asking for horizontal scroll, but I understand implementing that it’s a heavy task.

But there an important limitation on how it works now: having to use a template where there are two possible simple solutions for that:

  1. A checkbox for the arboard to make it scrollable (no need for a template, just using the artboard size) and scrolling the overflow content (like Figma does)

  2. Having guide to control the screen dimension / scrolling like Adobe XD does.

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XD had a far better implementation of this. It was brutally easy to just make an area scrollable I absolutely adored that feature. Made a lot of cool prototypes with it where I could just designate which area is scrollable.

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Fair point, this can be confusing and the current offering could be extended further.

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Sure, but my point is why should I create a template just to get a scrollable area?
If you consider that scrolling and panning areas should be a standard feature, the current implementation will not enable that.

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The feature was developed to enable designers to create scrollable prototypes for various devices. The difference between the vertical device and Artboard size would be an indication for us of how scrollable a prototype would be.

Currently, there are a lot more template options (paper, banners, social media etc.)

We discussed using a dashed scrolling line, which raised some issues, such as where to place the toolbar. Should it be positioned along the dashed line or at the bottom of the Artboard?

That’s a small insight in the history of the feature and some considerations that were made. Regardless, I’m sure it can be improved and expanded in a future iteration. And when the time comes, we’ll surely discuss the ideas in this topic as well.

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Hi, Jonne.
You don’t even have a clue of how interesting and inspiring is to read about the kitchen of the process behind the design for a feature like this.
So, regardless of the future of the feature, thanks a lot for sharing some of your insights.

What about having a “special” kind of non rendereable rectangle (I don’t want to call it “frame”) to define the viewer area, where you can define things like: Horizontal scroll / Vertical scroll and perhaps how to handle overflow (visible / non visible)? This rectangle may have properties like other elements on how to behave when changing the cointainer element.
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Glad to hear that!

Thanks for sharing. It’s an interesting thought. It would certainly distinguishable than the current templates approach.

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